A Vote for Bernie?

February 20th, 2016

I’ve gotta say, my mind is stressed after reading some of the comments on my Sanders/Clinton Blog. Breanna, you’re absolutely right. A vote is a very personal and precious thing. And it shouldn’t be squandered. After reading the copy you attached, it brings back vivid memories of my ultra-liberal upbringing, surrounded by like-minded family and friends; the world of progressive thought that was the milieu of New York City in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Ardent support of unions, of social equality, anti-war, anti-trust, anti-facsist, all those things that were emblems of the period that went by just before our births. We never stopped hearing about the terrible “Great Depression” that our elders referred to as having bought the country to its knees and taught it a lesson. And the wondrous years of FDR who was nearly a saint to my folks. And Pepe, you’ve been watching all this more closely than anyone I know. Your analysis and related websites lead you to the conclusion: Bernie Can Do It!

And , indeed, I think he can do some of it. At least, once in office he’ll be a constant thorn in the side of those troglodyte right-wingers who deny climate change, want control of womens’ rights, are in Wall Street’s pockets, etc., etc. We are a three branch republic however, and Bernie would need the support of a Democratic Congress to move his policies forward. Not to mention an agreeing Supreme Court to make sure progressive legislation stands. Can we guarantee him that?

You urge me to cast my support to the one who most closely echoes the ideals and aspirations of my very progressive generation, in fact, my own ideals. So it pains me to vote in fear. It’s a very real fear though.  The tenor of our country today, the responses of “average” folks I’ve heard newscasts, to me sounds like the sour tone of complaints and accusations accompanying the rise of hate and blame that was Germany in the 1930s. It alarms me!

Simply put, Trump, who will likely be the Republican candidate, must not be elected. And if Independents and fair-minded Republicans are to be the swing votes that decide this election, then I believe Clinton, whose stated positions are more centered than Sanders’ left- leaning policies, can garner enough support among those swing voters to beat the Trump onslaught.






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