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August 4th, 2013

This is my very first blog – really! I’m told that it’s important in a blog to write about things that will be of interest to the public, to those who may come across this blog in their internet wanderings. I find myself wondering what can be so special about these words, my thoughts on the subject of photography, and especially of architectural photography. It’s been the work that has fascinated and occupied my days and many of my nights for over forty years. So here goes . . .

Much of my time in photography has been spent trying to figure out how to make the impossible, possible – to transport a viewer to a place he‘s not physically in. It’s more about communicating “feeling” than anything else. How can a person really “feel” a presence in a place brought to him via the two dimensions of a screen or a piece of paper? My view is that it’s primarily about light. Our sense of light and dark are the prime senses we rely on to navigate in the real world, so it makes sense to me that this primal sense is the same that affects our perception of a two dimensional image. And isn’t all photography itself simply the capturing of light?

So I’ve basically become a “lighting guy”, a person who paints and sculpts with light. Every image I create is in some way a product of the opportunistic capturing of available light or the manipulation of added light, or a combination of the two. And to make the end product seem real and natural, to communicate that sense to the viewer, that’s the challenge of my craft.

I have had zillions of experiences in this realm of light and I’ll share some of my more curious and demanding ones in future blogs. Keep tuned . . .

Dan Forer Architectural Photographer Miami, Florida

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