A Photo-Shoot in an Unusual Place

3924-18 ©2008 Dan ForerSometimes it’s just plain luck.


My assignment was to photograph a newly created collection of furniture pieces by designer, Adriana Hoyos. Adriana, well-known as an interior designer, is also the creator of her own line of furniture on display in her showrooms located in Miami, Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile.


With ad deadlines looming, it was decided that, rather than await shipment to Miami, the most efficient way to photograph the line quickly was to do it where all the new pieces were located, in Adriana’s home base, Quito.


But then it became a question of where to do the shoot. Adriana was against shooting in a studio. That would have been fine for a “catalog” style of furniture photography; isolated pieces against a seamless neutral background. This shoot had to be different. It was destined for a campaign using full-page ads in prominent design journals. Neutral catalog shots wouldn’t do. She felt that the venue and background for the pieces should compliment her designs though not compete or distract. The placement of the furniture in real-world home settings was an option she rejected. Adriana felt that in each ad, the piece should be isolated and rivet the viewer’s attention powerfully. They deserved to be seen as individual creations; more like works of art or as sculptures – which indeed they were.

3924-15 ©2008 Dan Forer

For a location, a fortunate convergence of events led her to visit a closed and fire damaged theatre in downtown Quito which was owned by a friend. When I arrived in Quito with my assistant fully equipped to do the shoot, she asked me to visit the site in order to help make the final technical and artistic decision on whether or not the space would work.

3924 Adriana Hoyos Theater

The area I chose on the theatre’s mezzanine was vast. The extraordinary thing was that the fire had left the walls of the space covered in a patina of mottled earth tones. And, especially useful, the entire space was flanked by a wall of high windows letting natural light stream in from one side. I felt we could depend on that light as a principal source and I could provide the needed fill and accent using my own lighting units.


Finally, the furniture pieces, strategically placed for the photographs, easily stood apart emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of their design.


3924-09 ©2008 Dan Forer



So the luck of finding that extraordinary place made all the difference, And with Adriana’s willing staff helping us transport and position the furniture pieces, we shot for two long days coming away with a collection of images that satisfied my client and made me proud to have been a part of the process.


3924-06 ©2008 Dan Forer