What’s in a Shoot – Napkin Folding 101

September 16th, 2013

There are a lot of things that take place in a photo-shoot. Only one of the many is actual photographing. How about napkin folding? When you’ve got over 30, 6-seat restaurant tables to set, you’d better know how to fold napkins. That’s why a prepared photographer has napkin folds memorized – or better yet, in a book he can access when the need arises. And such a need did arise recently when I photographed the new teaching space at the Hospitality School Campus of FIU in North Miami. A gorgeous establishment with interiors by Echeverria Design Group and architecture by M C Harry Assoc. It’s more a luxury restaurant than a school training site. But then that’s the level most students aspire to and this place will definitely provide them the atmosphere for that kind of experience. All the tables and chairs were there of the day of the shoot – but table items were still in their original packing boxes having just been delivered to the site. So most of the first day was spent arranging the layout, unpacking and setting tablecloths, flatware, silverware, stemware and, with the help of a stylist, 38 floral centerpieces. Then came the napkins that required an elegant fold. From my book I chose a fold called, “The Havanna” and we proceeded to fold the 200+ napkins needed for the shoot.
Moral: An interiors photographer can never be “too” prepared.

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